Volga GAZ-24 site

Greet you on the site dedicated to the GAZ-24 Volga. It is the project team gearteam in support of the entire movement Volga owners worldwide. Site dedicated to the famous folk car – GAZ-24 “Volga”. Values ​​have changed and this car – icon of the Brezhnev era has become a workaholic, work horse for ordinary people. Car Volga GAZ-24 is a classic mid-size sedan of the 70-s of the 20th century. With an advanced, as of the year 1970 design. Yes there no nanotechnology, but the overall strength and reliability of the design allows the car to run for more than 40 years. And it is not in the garage, but actually wound thousands of kilometers. So I was on my Volga GAZ-24 by the most conservative estimations measuring the mileage was amazed – he had reached at least 800,000 kilometers. How many times around the equator, you can find yourself. True, I replaced the engine and apparently this is the second engine change my car. Volga was a prestigious car in the 70-s and 80-s suite for the poor in the 90-, plodder in the 2000s. Now of course many of the remaining cars went to the metal, but the most deserving for a long time will please view of passersby. After all, the Volga, it’s beautiful. Her lines are swift …

We, command of gearteam, adheres to classic retro style at renewal and tuning of cars. Mostly all repair parts refurbishable or tuned car must correspond on a spirit and style to that time which a car was produced in.

(С) 2012, Master General

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