Чувствую, что Путин доиграется"

In connection with the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the site administration condemns the actions of the russian nazi army, the government of the russian Federation, and ceases cooperation with all organizations from the russian federation. It does not recognize the laws of the russian federation, the government of the russian federation is illegitimate, like that of belarus. Steeped in war crimes around the world, they unleashed a war on an imaginary casus belli and began the genocide of the population of Ukraine, following the traditions of Stalinism, fascism, and all the worst people on earth.

All countries have openly condemned the actions of the Russian army and government, and all those responsible will be brought to justice sooner or later. And the mothers of Russia will receive zinc coffins by March 8 and May 1, if the bodies of the soldiers of the Russian-fascist invaders are not burned in crematoria. For the death of children, civilians, military and civil infrastructure of a peaceful country, russia will pay for a very long time, and everyone who openly supported the Nazi Putinists will be held criminally liable without a statute of limitations.

Photos of hundreds of killed soldiers of the russian federation as well as destroyed peaceful cities can be seen at the link. All Nazis in russia will be punished and prosecuted throughout the world.