Powered Gaz-24 "Volga"

9748db8s-480Installation of electric window regulator on GAS-24 "Volga" not a trivial task. Ready solutions on the market no. You can often come across reports on how to install the front window regulator gear from the Gaz-3110. You will need to remove the bottom door or glass from point-blank range Swap left and right power window. It belongs to the company steklopod″emnikam Slatted bed ' Forward '. In more detail, you can read about it here.

Another interesting way is to install the lifters, universal. For example firms Spal. Often came across online detailed reports on installation. In this case, the regular mechanism, clips, and instead of a handle installed cable universal electric. To place the handle over the end cap is installed.

It should be noted that the lifters supplied with most often is not the buttons nor the control unit. The control unit allows to connect electric Windows to block sirnalizacii and automatically close doors at arming. There are also feature opening Windows in the zapomnenoe position.

If you plan to manage only a button directly on the door you want to wind up in the door only ' positive ' wire. Otherwise, you must make two wires from the parallel volitel′skoj button, or from the control unit. The best way to damaging of the wires in the door GAS-24 it Belows KOTRA has categorized the height but the coaxial to the axis of rotation of the door openings. It is best to place them near the door hinge-move the wires will be minimal and ′n long life.

The reports will be posted soon on installing Windows in the doors of the Gaz-24 "Volga".

Powered Gaz-24 "Volga"